You make US proud...

Dear little one,

You had once again made your mama and papa really proud. Alhamdullilah your Mid Term test result was excellent... Your teachers were proud of your progress too.. Your grandparents were more exited and proud than your parents.. haha..

Mama doakan kakak utk terus berjaya not only in text and exams... but in life as well.. Know that we are here and we will love you no matter what... :)

English - 100%
Maths - 98%
Bahasa - 96%
Science - 95%

Keep up the good work ya!!
Jgn asyik sibuk nk sharpern your pencils and colouring pencils jeks tau... ;)


Iela Fazielah said…
welldone farissa.... bab sharp pencil tu sama je mcm syafiqah... br setgh tahun pencil n colour pencil dah kontot!
Nuha Ariana said…
clever girl farissa! well done!
Nadra Farissa said…
hehe... tq aunties!!