Saat Manis Si Manja

Another fun contest to join.. Sangat menarik especially the gifts.. If interested you can always click here to join!!

This is a lovely picture taken by Farissa's Uncle Faizal sempena her 2nd birthday with her family.. More stories and picture kat sini!!

Nama: Nadra Farissa
Umur: 2 Tahun 8 Bulan
Tajuk: "I just love Birthdays!! I am 2 today!!"


Salam kenal,

Hi....i dah check.....semua OK!!....alahai sayangnyer dier....cute anak u nih....:)

Good Luck ye!!!

Risya Corner said…

good luck!
really ceria ur daughter..
misti happy kan that time

Nadra Farissa said…
yups.. very happy indeed..
firahadifa said…
tahniah menang contest...