Giveway Organic Cotton Baby Clothes and Toys

Hi Peeps!! The TheBabyOrganicStore (based in KL) is giving away 2 (two) shopping vouchers worth RM80 each!!

Amazing huh??!! Anyone interested to join can easily click on the link above or the picture below to be directed to
You will need to write about the item / items you want most or caught your eyes. :)

As for myself, I would say that the Blossom Tie Dress matched with the Bloomer Cocoa w/Pollen for me is one of the funkiest & adorable little outfit did my two eyes ever did see. The natural pastel color really soothest the eyes. If I could just get hold of it.. huuuu~~ syioook.. Farissa would absolutely gorgeous!! Plus, being organic cotton and all is a bonus.. Don't you think?? ;)

Blossom Tie Dress

Bloomer Cocoa w/Pollen

note: Pictures were taken site


Nadra Farissa said…
Almost get it!! Cabutan Kurang bertuah sket.. takpe maybe next time.. congrats to the mommies that won!!