House Hunting? Not Again~

One advertisement in my FB newsfeed just caught my eyes:

Cyberjaya 2 Storey House for RM369K on Bumi reserved land, complete in 2021. Without hesitation I straight away called the agent who posted this ad. Wondering if there is a show house to be viewed.

Yes, we certainly do have it Madam.

My heart just beat a little bit faster on the thought of owning a much cost effective small cozier home in Cyberjaya. I called Mr. Bob requesting for a visit to the show house. It was definitely not in Cyberjaya. Huuuu.

It was about a 5 mins drive to Cyberjaya, still a dessert land with nothingness. But what the heck, its only RM369K (don't forget about that), right? Wrong!

For that price tag, you will only get 1 townhouse with 3 bedrooms. Tskkk. The double storey house with 4 bedrooms will cost you about RM504K. Again tssssk.

Why don't you take up two townhouses Madam?

Why wouldn't I, it all make sense. Bigger space to accommodate my little monsters, which will only be a few years when they turned themselves into 3 full grown monsters. Haha! We had a serious talk between Mr. Bob and I but you guys just need to wait for the outcome for more dibs. ;)

Buy us this house mommy, said the little monster.

Anyone wants to adopt?

Not yet potty train though

Now there are two monsters to adopt.. Haha!

Might as well take this almost adult one.. tskk tskk.. always whatsapping her friends..

Owh yes, this is the bottom townhouse.. 

I really thought it was quite spacious

There is a courtyard and some waster space

Small kitchen, for those who does light cooking maybe?