Raya 2018 ~ Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5

Raya day 3 we set off to JB!! To visit my maternal grandmom and my foster mom Tok Nora. Boy, we are in for a treat. It was the first record breaking travelling time which took us roughly 12 hours to arrive from KL. Of course we had multiple stops, however didn't expect it will took such a long time to travel.

Our first stop was at Banting (ayah ngah's parent house). We were served soto (one of the best that I ever had). I wouldn't mind visiting every raya for this soto. Kih kih. Next stop was at Mama Chu's parent's house. We had spicy mihun udang which was great as well and lastly we stopped at Tok Wan's kampung. Tok Wan was our last neighbour in JB which when they stop working, they built a house in Melaka and stayed there.

Before our move

Papa and Ruzain with their mobile phones.. 

Smile everyone! Why is tok ayah's leg in this photo?

In front of Tok Wan's House

With baby Yammy Yam

Hish ni la kerusi yamyam berebut dgn ruzain.. takde keje lain..

Papa and kiddos!

I love the beautifully built kampung house!
We arrived at our hotel at 11pm that night..
This time round we decided to stay at KSL Resort, however, it may the only time we will stay at this resort. Haha! Will elaborate more later or maybe in my next post.

We visited by Tok Mak at day 4, along with Nane, Nenma and my cousin Nisah. Tok Mak prepared a lot of food for us, including laksa Johor. Yummeh.

Then off to Tok Nora's house. Oh how much I miss my Mak. She looks so frail and how much I love her so. We were surprised on the house upgrade that Mak's son O has done. The house look bombastic and we all of us had a ball of a time taking plenty of selfies and wefies. Hahaha!

The family with Tok Mak

Tok Ayah Selfie


With Mak... The house look so good. Just look at the chandelier!

Me and Mak. I need to frame this.

My rascals!
Let's end this post with a few pics of the kids at the resort water park. :)

Babies at the theme park.

Papa yang main pulak!!

Berebut pelampung
Oh yes.. Raya wouldn't be complete with a visit to Auntie Fai's house!

Mommies with the kids

Really miss you Auntie Fai!