Raya 2018 ~ Day 1 and Day 2

Selamat Hari Raya my lovelies semua!

How was your raya? This year was quite special for us as it is our first raya with Baby Rayyan!! Also it is our first raya in Putrajaya. Whoo hoooo!!

Raya day 1 was celebrated in Nenma's and Tok Ayah house whereby the theme color was green. We had ketupat and rendang which Nenna ordered from ayah ngah's auntie in Banting. I tried to find some photos of the food but failed to do so.. which means... I was too busy eating all those ketupat and rendang. Haha! I lost 2 kg during ramadhan month, however gain another 4kg during the first 2 days of raya.. Camne nih?
First photo of the day right in front of our house

Nenma's House with the family

Ayah Chu and Mama Chu has arrived from Melaka (I think this was in Day 2)
 So sorry for the jumbled up photos :)

This was with the extended family on the first day!

Ok Rayyan smile for the camera!

Do I look good mummy?

With Kakak and Abang together

Siap nak tercekik adik plak! Hahaha
For Day 2 we went beraya to a few of my uncle and auntie houses. Other than that we had to stay home and receive our many2 guests which datang beraya at Nenma's house. 

Special day 2 menu was Soto ayam and Nasi bryani kambing which was both devine and everthing was licked clean at the end of the day. Alhamdullilah.

Day 2 OOTD of the family, cream and turqoise

Ok off beraya!!