Rayyan is 6 Months!

Hey guys!

I nak share Rayyan latest progress as per 6 months..

Well he started to have porridge now, obviously. He have tried apples, pears, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and carrots. His favorite would be sweet potatoes. He could also now do push ups. Really high ones of the matter of fact. 

He is his papa handbag, wherever papa goes he goes too!
Loves his big bro and sis.
Loves making funny faces which we all don't quite understand the meaning of it.

Mommy little cuddle waddles.
Mama doakan little Rayyan grows up strong and mighty.. insyallah..


Adik and abg matchy2

This is the time we had dinner out

Tried nandos mash potatoes and strted to have allergic reactions

Manja mommy nih!! Kisses..