Our Kuala Gandah Adventure & Eyra by Suria Hotspring Resort

Recent family trip brought us to Kuala Gandah which was an hour plus drive from Kuala Lumpur. Mr Bob  and I thought that it would a nice short gateway for the kids and at the same time giving kakak the chance to update her Tunas Puteri log.
What's in Kuala Gandah? Well there is an elephant sanctuary and a Deer park which the children were all excited for. We take the departed at 11am from Cyberjaya and arrive there around lunch time. Since, we didn't want to waste any more time.. huhu (we first plan to arrive in Kuala Gandah at 10am), we straight away went in the sanctuary.

There was no entrance fee, although upon registration you are able to give some donation which was great. There is also opportunity for you to enjoy bathing the elephants for RM 70 per person. Ruzain wanted to do that which he receives a strict staring from his mommy, signaling that is not going to happen. Couldn't shake the thought of how massive the amount of elephant shit that would be in the stream.. *yucks* hahaha...

Since, we didn't spare any donation for the elephants, Mr. Bob bought some bamboos to feed the elephants. Each stack of bamboo cost us for RM 5 (if I am not mistaken). The kids excitedly started to feed the elephants, however kakak was a little scared at first. I did spotted some sick elephants, one is practically deformed (it has a humped on the back) and I was wondering if it was a birth defects or it was tortured before coming into the sanctuary.

Rayyan is also ready to have some fun!

A nice mural at the entrance

Kakak facing her fears feeding the elephant
After we spend an hour or so there, we thought of having our lunch at the cafe on the sanctuary ground. However, they only serve spicy food and drinks, so we thought otherwise. Right outside, there is a small warong (not really sure it has a name), we stopped by and the makcik (who was the cook) told us that she could make some nasi goreng ayam. So, nasi goreng ayam it is! Boy it was awesome.

After we had our stomach filled, we went to the Deer farm nearby. It was a really small farm with interesting animals on display. Some of which you could touch. The entry fee was quite cheap and you are able to buy some deer food inside. Be warn of the smell. Haha. I almost gagged when I first came in, but after a while I got used to it.

You can buy tickets here

Rabbits on the loose

Rayyan wanted to touch one
Well, after all is done, we spend the night at the Hotspring Resort in Bentong. I've told Mr. Bob that I had never tried soaking in a hotspring so here is my chance (kesian kan) hahaha.. The resort in my opinion is well kept and well priced. We had a room with 2 units of double bed which fits all 5 of us wonderfully.

The only thing I had an issue is with the restaurant. We could't go out for dinner as everything was quite far from the resort and there was actual lights on the road at night. So, we had some ala carte food at the restaurant for dinner. However, there was too many lizards aka cicak around. Being an anti-cicak person, that doesn't put me at ease throughout the entire dinner. Oh, you should try the mee goreng mamak, which is so much nicer than my cantonese style kuey teow.

Rayyan and papa

Breakfast was simple but good

Swim time after breakfast

Kakak likes the pouring water from the fountain

The kids playing around

Papa enjoying the hotspring with Rayyan.. Hey when is mommy's turn!