Volcano Shabu Shabu at Shaftburry Cyberjaya

Hi ya folks!!

Last weekend while kakak was still at school for her tuition we had early lunch at Volcano Shabu Shabu Cyberjaya. Since we were quite early, we were the first family in the restaurant. Even from outside of the restaurant we could see that this restaurant is Halal certified.

Mr Bob paid RM 30 for each of us and we paid child fee of RM 14 for Ruzain as he was still below the height that they will charge as adult. The host informed us that we are able to take anything from the movable track and buffet for the steamboat. However, to add on the grill we have to pay additional payment of RM5 for each pax. Mr. Bob had the hot volcano soup (which he liked very much) and chicken soup for me and Ruzain.

For the payment, I believe that is worth it. For myself, I had fried rice, fried mee, some dimsum, steamboat (with lots and lots of prawns), fruits and ice cream. The restaurant is quite spacious so if you dragged in your stroller it would still be ok.

The only thing is, if you don't want to rush things, just be early like us and arrive before 12pm. Otherwise you will stuck with many others arriving during peak lunch hours. :)

We went home with full happy tummy. Alhamdullilah.

Pick and choose.. there is even sushi..

Dimsum galore!

My least favorite section... veges....

Maths quiz by Mr. Bob.. again.. boring la papa!

Ok.. Happy tummy.. Hot volcano soup.. try if you dare!