Apply for Baby Passport at Jabatan Imegresen Putrajaya (Precint 3)

We took the kids outta school last Tuesday to renew Kakak's and Ruzain's passport and to make baby Rayyan a new one.

Parking was quite far from the Menara Ikhlas where we should go.. Level 3..
Ok. First off, we brought 4 things which are the kids original birth certificate, old passports of the kids, mama's Mykad and RM 300 (for 3 passports). We went straight to the counter at the entrance and were asked if the baby had a photo already (which we hadn't taken). So she gave us 2 queue numbers for the older ones and asked us to wait in one of the rooms.

An officer came out and took Rayyan passport photo for RM15, printed for us and gave us 4 copies. We went back to the initial counter and she gave us one more queue number for Rayyan. We waited for about 10 mins before were called to the passport counter.

The officer, gather all of the documents from me and took the children photo right there at the counter. Then the wait started.

We waited for about 30 mins to be called for payments process and another hour for the passport to be ready. While waiting the children spend sometime in the playroom and I am able to nurse Rayyan in the nursing room, very convenient indeed. All in, we spend a total for about 2 and a half hours to complete the entire process.

The kids were bored waiting
All in all, mommy and papa was happy that the kids had their passport for this year holiday trip. Alhamdullilah and we don't have to think about it for the next 5 years! Hahaha.

Passport photo..

The real baby angle.. so adorable!!


Hans said…
owh macam tu rupanya ambil gambar baby untuk passport
hehehe comel2