Kids Update~ My love

Well, let me share a bit of update on the kids.. I think it wouldn't be fair if baby Rayyan gets all the posts. Hehe.

This new year, Kakak has been very busy with extra classes that her school organised. She is in year 5 now and been quite busy. I guess her school teachers are polishing kids for UPSR next year. She is also trying her best to participate in additional school activities as she has decided not to pursue her swimming. Huhu. I am not really sure why she stopped just that maybe she hated the grueling training by her coach.

Eat me cupcake @ Padi.. nothing to do with the post.. I know.. Haha!
If we have extra time. We will have breakfast outside. Most of the time is at the mamak and sometime at our favorite place Singgang Warisan @ Seri Kembangan near the Farm in the City.

Ruzain also seem to adapt well at school. He never complain much except that his teacher has such a loud voice. He also seem to like his current babysitter which is great news for mommy. Alhamdullilah. Although he did say, he never learn anything at school and that his teacher only ask him to color (not sure if it's true or not) *mommy faint*.

Anyway, its only a month and we have many more months to go in 2018. I could only pray that everything goes well for the children. Insyallah!