Aquaria KLCC 2018~ Day out during CNY!

We brought the kids to Aquaria KLCC for some quality time during this year CNY. The kids were very excited. I found cheaper tickets Highly recommended if you are planning to visit Aquaria anytime soon. The last time we went here was when Farissa was only for and now she is 11, how time flies. If you like to read more on our last visit, you may check it out here.

After breakfast at our usual mamak, we make a move to KLCC and arrive there at around 10am. We park the car at the convention centre, parking was ample. We had a print out of the entry voucher and went straight at the ticketing counter. They do require your mykad to verify the voucher.

I could say we spent around 2 hours plus walking around the place and it was quite relaxing as there were not so many people. So here are some of the kids photos!

Smile for the camera kids!

Baby sharks feeding

Otter sizes

Photo bombed by papa!

Rayyan and papa

Can you spot the big fish behind us?

Whale shark, we will see you in June!!

Who wants crab for dinner? Hehehe..

Baby rayyan and megamouth shark's teeth!


Hans said…
seronok budak2 dapat pergi aquaria
saya yang besar nih dulu dapat masuk pun punya main seronok tengok ikan2 dalam tu