Trusting Pra Sekolah for your Children Education

Hi everyone!

Let's chat about our children pre-school education. Where do you send your kids for kindergarten? Private or public school? When kakak turns 4 years old, we send her off to Smart Reader kids. She learn to read quite fast for her age and both Mr. Bob and I were very impressed with the school. Once she turns 6 years of age, we both decided for her to change her to prasekolah in SRK.

Was it perfect? Definitely it was not.

We were unhappy with her progress when she first started. Later on it looks like she gotten the hang of it. She was very happy to be in school and that is most important to us. Now, she excels in her academic and being among the top 12 in her school just show it is not where you receive your education but more likely, how hard your children put their effort in their study.

So this year, it is Ruzain's turn. He previously was in Little Caliph. Also he is able to read (with guidance) and great in mathematics. We do hope he could keep it up even with the move to pra-sekolah. Mama and papa always pray for his success insyallah.

First day at school, he is such a brave boy. :)