Pizza Hut Creamy Fondue ~ A Treat for the Family

Hi guys!

It's been a while yeah. Huhu. I've been swamped with work ever since I got back from my maternity leave, please forgive me. I will try my best to update much more in the future..  *promise!*

Ever since we had baby Rayyan, most of the weekends were spent at home leisurely. Well last week, mummy doesn't feel that well to cook lunch for papa decided to bring us all out for a simple treat ~ Pizza Hut. One of the newest item in the menu was the creamy fondue that mummy decided to order and it turns out really good *no joke*. The set cost about RM7 (if I am not mistaken) and the kids all had a jolly good time licking it all clean. It comes in  a soup bowl and a couple of pieces of garlic bread.

What's Rayyan take on all this. Just tengok orang makan jer la kan. Never mind, whatever mummy eats, baby eats too right? Hehe.

Kakak and abg taking a dip in the cheesy fondue

Arrghhh drooling while looking at this pic!

Rayyan waiting patiently for mummy to finish so that he could have a go.

It's so cheesy.. just look at that!

Crisscut fries for the kids

Mummy and papa had the delicious super supreme pan pizza.. Sedaaap..