Pregnancy at 39 Weeks with the Family ~ Fix the Cravings!

Moving on to 39 weeks people!! Pregnancy at 39 weeks is hard even though it is  crawling right into the last leg of the 3rd trimester. The hardest would be to deal with the lack of sleep that you will be having because of how massive your weight might be at the time. I particularly have a super hard to be comfortable on the bed as both position on the side and on the back causing me extreme pain on my upper tummy. Not really sure on why it is happening but during Ruzain's time I suffered the similar pain too and it lasted for a couple of years after. :(

Another thing that I had to overcome is for the fact, I hate eating out. However, I found myself unable to stand long to cook nowadays. So last weekend Mr. Bob took us out for a treat at TGI Fridays and I just had to order the steak. Yep, it was good and delicious as I hadn't eaten a good hardy steak for some time.

We didn't do anything after either as I didn't really feel like walking. :p So, in the end it was just lunch and back to our home sweet home. Haha!

Sorry guys, promised to share much more soon. Love ya!

Mr Bob with his Ribs!
Buffalo balls.. Errrk sounds weird.. or is it Buffalo Wing Chicken balls.. Not sure..

Adek had his pizza

Kakak had chicken fingers which she always order when there is a kids meal

Mr. Bob's menu.. Looks good right now..

This was mine.. Yummeh...