Neighbours Get Together for Halloween

Our neighborhood is planning a get together Halloween event whereby participated families will visit house by house for the children to collect candies. We had never actually celebrated the ghoulish event but to show our support to our kind neighbours that has spend their time organizing this celebration, we decided at the last minute to do so.

Kakak and adek had no costumes, so we just make do with whatever in our wardrobe. Kakak decided to go with Mavis from the Hotel Transylvania while adek decided to go as Captain America (since he had the mask and shield already). :) Saving of money in mommy's wallet! Cha-ching!!

I had to only purchase one black lipstick, which was really hard to find and make do with the Maybelline one for RM 20. Well we may use it in the future who knows!

The event was a hit and both of the kids brought back 2 bag full of goodies. Then, realization hit mommy right back on the face, how do I control them from stuffing every single chocolates and candies! *nowmommyplantomakethemalldissapearslowly* Hahahaha!!

Kakak with one of Mavis famous poses

With our candies ready at home!
This is Mavis!

Right before stalking the night away~ Muahahhahaah!!