Cinderella Hairdo and Farissa Updates

It has been some time since I last update about kakak's progress. Farissa is in standard 3 now, 9 years old and becoming a teen more and more. She is currently really active in her performance 'career' :p and also doing good academically.

I have also enrolled Farissa in a competitive swimming class in hopes that she would do well in sports too. We hope to visit another Disneyland in the near future, so little miss princess has requested to become Princess Cinderella.

She also had requested for me to prepare for her Hari Merdeka (Malaysia's Independence day) outfit so that she could join the best dressed competition. A neighbour of mine agreed to sew her that very outfit. The outcome was just so wonderful!

Cinderella hairdo and the first time we came across a hair donut

Outfit Hari Kemerdekaan

Complete with head d├ęcor!

Merdeka! Merdeka!