Private Event at Grand Hyatt Thirty8 Restaurant

Geewheeez I know guys! More pictures of the same event? Well, what can I say. :) The host has graciously shared with me the photos that the pro photographer took and I just had to share it with my fellow bloggers!! Yippee!

The private room provided by Thirty8 Restaurant can squeeze to about 12 people. It is glass enclosed so that the sunlight could still penetrate the room, hence the gorgeous pictures of all of the gals. The party was a blast and by the end of it we were laughing our heads off! *thank GOD for the sound proof room*

Well then, please enjoy more pics of the party!

Ladies in white
Who is the birthday girl?
Aaaaaaw cute picture of us!

Party games! Hehe we actually won this round~
Angpow for the winners!

I just love this background of KLCC don't you?
*disclaimer- all photos are not mine, the owners are Ms. Shafiera Onn and husband Hairie Oh


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