Mother's Day with Mom

We celebrated Mother's day much earlier than the actually day. Since, Nenma, Tok Ayah, Ayah Chu and Mama Chu are all here in KL we decided to celebrate together. We met up the pack at TGIF in Sunway Pyramid, my treat. Farissa was also lucky enough to get more presents from Ayah Chu and Nenma. Hehe.

However, Ruzain was a tad disappointed that he didn't get any gifts that Nenma took pity and decided to let him choose his own toy after dinner *lucky boy*. He chose Captain America with a shooting truck. Boys will be boys.

For dinner, I ordered the combo pack which I thought was worthwhile to get. :P I was right!! It was delicious and plentiful for everyone. Tok Ayah didn't want to eat what I had ordered so he got himself some clam chowder. It was good too.

Alamak sorry tok ayah.. tertutup plak.. huhu

New watch for kakak

Mother's day gift for Nenma.. A swarovski ring.

Yup.. if you have a big family over for a dinner treat.. definitely try this combo.. You will save a whole bunch!


lia ummiirfan said…
sedapnya.. dan bertambah seronok sebab makan bersama keluarga ☺️

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