Action Song Competition Gold Medal for Kakak!

Great news everyone, Kakak received Gold Medal National Champion for Action Song. The competition took place at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pengkalan Raja in Pekan Nenas, although a small school the facilities are quite good in compare here in Cyberjaya. :) Anyway, Mr. Bob and I decided to give Kakak morale support that we decided to stay in Pekan Nenas for 1 night before the big event. Other parents have the same idea too. A total of 12 families gave their support by being present for the girls. Kuddos parents! *including me!*

Make up time by the parents and teachers

Parents that came along from KL

Farissa got some touch up

More make up?
Since, I am never good at doing my own make-up let alone doing others, decided to be in the competition hall waiting for the event to start. Never fancy wearing make up.

Ruzain excuse me.. Mommy wants to a picture of the stage

Quite but very nice setup

While waiting, Ruzain admiring some girls..
In total, there are 9 schools which compete that day. Some were in Kedah, others came from Sarawak. The children came with their best costumes and dances. It was such a treat to see. It was colorful and very entertaining indeed. Farissa's team was no. 7 so they got some additional time to do their make up.

These girls won 3rd place!

Our girls getting ready

Pose everyone!!

Colourful and fun, they use many songs from Disney.

Boys and girls

These girls won 2nd place, their song was very energetic and one is from Frozen

This team is quite special because most of the kids are quite small, I wonder if they are from standard 1

Everyone excited to record the event

Very the princessy...

It is a threat!! :D
Anyway, the girls waited a while for their result. So they had their lunch first and waited in the waiting area.

Most of the girls are tired and bored

Papa taking a shot of her baby girl

We won!!! Ready to get on stage!! Yeay!

All went well and everything finishes around 3pm which was a slight bummer since I wanted to visit JPO. No matter maybe that'll be a story for next time.
Once again Congratulations Girls of SKCJ!!


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comey jer budak2 tu... anyway, pekan nanas kat mana? hehe