Children Stories and Updates!

Happy April everyone!

I'm a little bit bummed because there is no public leave for April. Boo!! But really looking forward to shop for the upcoming Lebaran. Most of my favorite fashion designers will update their Raya collection soon, so.. yup I am busy choosing and digging up a deep hole in my wallet.

A little bit of updates on my kiddos. Farissa did extremely well for her Ujian 1 which she was rewarded with such materialistic things :P. I gave her a new pink handbag *she is desperately in need of one* and Mr. Bob gave her a App controlled Robot from star wars *shheeeezz*. Her grandparents as usual will reward her with cold hard cash and chose to spend it on her new IN THING which is the Disney tsum tsum. What is tsum tsum? Will elaborate later *if I have the time*.

New handbag here!!
Ruzain on the other hand got the chance of persuading his papa for a couple of new Ultraman *this month* which is his one true love. So, there you have it a bit of updates on the kids will update more soon!!!


Iela Fazielah said…
tahniah farissa....clever girl