Hameediyah Restaurant and Gu5to JJCM Penang 1

We went to Penang in search of good halal food.. not only that we wanted to spend a bit more of family time with the kids since kakak was mostly in JB. Touched down was about 2pm in the afternoon and our first pit stop was at Hameediyah Restaurant. The overall rating in tripadvisor was only 3 star but there are also a number of people mentioning that the murtabak is a must try in Penang. We parked nearby at a 4 level parking building, the roads a notorious with high traffic. What was worst, the weather was extremely hot and both of the kids starts to whine. :(

The restaurant was separated to two, one is to place your order/ takeaways and another is where you have your lunch. When we arrived there the restaurant was jammed packed with people. Mr. Bob lined up to order, while mommy and Farissa waited for an empty space to squeeze into. After more than 20 mins we got ourselves a table *sweat running thick by this time*. Because of the sheer numbers of people, this restaurant was by all means dirty. Without the recommendation, I would definitely not be here.

We waited for an additional 15 mins for Mr. Bob to arrive with our food and by then, I was too hungry to care about there were people hovering around for seats and for a fact that the murtabak had already finished. The food was quite tasty but the price was a different story.
Penang wall art.. :)

The signage of the Restaurant

This is where you dined and wait for your food
So many people a waiting

Restaurant decor

This is what I have ordered *more likely what Mr. Bob ordered for me* and cost for about RM 25

I don't actually know what's in this plate *Mr. Bob's plate and this cost RM 28*

Farissa possing into another wall art.. Not sure about Ruzain though.. hahaha!

Later that evening, we wanted to try out the Gu5to Italian restaurant where everything is RM5. A lot of people were recommending it through facebook and I thought of giving it a go. We scouted and circled around the area for at least 3 times before finding it in the Nicole David International Squash Centre.

I wouldn't lie. The moment I stepped into the restaurant I was quite skeptic at first. The place was truly small and there was no other people besides 2 other squashed players ordered their drinks. Boy, I was wrong. The food was quite tasty and for the price, truly value for money.

Nicole David Squash Centre

Everything was for RM 5

The drinks was so much cheaper.. Mr Bob ordered 2 rounds of it.

Simple decor

Ruzain was sleeping so mommy and kakak had some bonding time

This was some sausages (side dish)

Farissa ordered meatballs.. quite good

Mr. Bob goes mamak by ordering this maggie goreng

Mine was breaded chicken with Aglio Olio super yummy

Ruzain got himselves some good ol' carbonara..

Well, this dinner was a cheapest dinner of Italian food which the total order costs us only RM 32.
A delicious bargain indeed.