2016 and Little Caliph!!

Masyallah!! Happy 2016 everyone. Alhamdullilah and I pray that everyone is of their best of health insyallah. This year is such a special year for us as Ruzain will be 4 years old and will be enrolling in Little Caliph. We felt so blessed to have the opportunity to send our little 'Adek' here as most school are quite costly. I was a little bit worried that Ruzain will have a difficult time to adjust and waking up such early in the morning. But he proves me wrong. I woke him up about 6am *which was a tad bit earlier* and he did not even whine a bit! Good job baby boo.

Kakak encourage him to finish his breakfast which was fantastic and Papa was willing enough to send both kids to school and mama to work this morning *wide grin*. We arrive in front of Little Caliph 10 mins short to 8am and there seemed to be a few parents was already there. A teacher embrace Ruzain and gave a salam and off he went without even looking twice to mama *which makes mama heart breaks*. I pulled myself together and Mr. Bob drove off with words of encouragement. Haha!! To think that I need more encouragement than Ruzain really ticks me off. :p 

Anyway let just hope that his positive spirit keeps up the whole day till pick up shall we?

Kakak and adek after breakfast
Can you spot my little baby boo? :)


dorsett pink said…
good to hear that ruzain school days is ok.. I also enrolled my daughter, FL to "school" this year even she is only 18 months.. and she happy with it.. bangun pagi pun senang, tak perlu nak kejutkan, bangun jer terus masuk bilik air mandi.. sebab excited nak pergi school. kalau sebelum ni kul 10 pagi baru bangun