kidz and Creme ~ More hype than truly good

Hello peeps!! Let's talk about Kidz & Creme at Setia Alam. The ever famous restaurant owned by a leading actor Aaron Aziz & his beautiful wife. :) I love checking out their food instag, *like everyday* and always dreaming of trying their nutella tart.

So, last week since I was attending an event at Setia Alam, I ask Mr. Bob to bring me there. Tadaa!!! It's really close by SP Setia Convention Centre. Basically, it is among the modern looking shops and on the 1st floor. Although it is almost 3pm, there is a number of tables occupied by other families having lunch. In my mind, surely the food is good here.

I ordered a plate of fried rice and the nutella tart *duh*, while Mr. Bob wanted to try the hot dog. Prices are quite steep in comparison to other local restaurants that we've been to. It doesn't matter as long as the food was good, right? Wrong. The food wasn't as good as I thought it to be. It was quite a let down. The rice was really dry, prawn on the side was not cleaned properly and the sausage tasted just ok. What about the Nutella Tart? All I can say is, the tart offered by ikea tasted so much better and price 1/3 cheaper. However, drinks was actually good. Mr Bob ordered Carrot Milk and I ordered Iced Lemon Tea. Plus point here?

Would I come here again, would be bonus question. Ambiance was ok, food was not great, price was steep, maybe if a friend wanted to 'belanja' :p If is was up to me. Maybe not.

1st floor

Press 1 adek!

Nice menu with great pictures - makes me hungry

Children can pick up their own books at the children's corner

Sausage and Fries

Fried Rice - Prawn is not clean properly.. :(

Nutella Tart


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Nampak macam sedap.. thanks for sharing