Christmas Shopping at Mysale

Well folks, it's that time of the year again. Where everyone is busy shopping for everyone else. Although we do not celebrate Christmas, we couldn't stop ourselves to join in the fun of shopping! Haha!

I thought it would be nice to share my experience shopping using Share my thoughts and review of the item received condition as such. Fyi, I only shop using mysale if they have delivery promotions. For example, this time round they are having RM10 per delivery and the next purchase free delivery charges. So, I look around and start purchasing home items (because I thought it would be nice to update my kitchen to a different colour).

Stop by at this shop here

Choose a couple of cushion covers (6 to be exact!)

Make sure you read all the specification like the estimated delivery and product features.

So, after I had chosen all the things that I wanted to buy, purchasing is very easy as you could simply do online transfer using CIMB or Maybank.

Delivery takes sometime, but that's ok I am in no rush anyway. Please, be aware if you want your items ASAP, it is not a good idea to purchase through mysale. All items will take two weeks or more to arrive.

I received 2 parcel separately, but then again as I am not in a rush, it was not an issue. So, don't panic if you received only half of your order first as you might receive the next one in two three days. The quality of your product depends on your luck. For me, I made a mistake by believing that I will be receiving 3 canisters instead of one (because in the picture it was 3) but in true fact, product features only mentioned 1. The cushion cover material was really thin so yeah if it was not online, I would have never purchase that kind of quality.

There you have it folks!! My review so enjoy your Christmas shopping! :)

Polka cushion covers~

Cute mugs!

Yellow canister to fit in all the cookies for Lil Nadra and Ruzain


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yes .. sale! year end sale