My Sis Wedding @ Banting Side~~ She look Different

The day finally came! Now its the groom side @ Banting.. Farissa was so confuse "Mama Ngah's Wedding again!?" Excited and confuse that is... :)

Ruzain was jabbed the day before and still had a slight fever.. Poor baby!

Here you can see the lovely Farissa ready to go! With mama in the background trying her very best to buckle little brother's seat..

Ruzain and his blue fisher price romper...

Here our family bersanggah dulu before the groom is ready..
Theme family blue and brown..

The groom's side are wearing all red.. matching with the Kompang Group..

Farissa's young grandparents (mom side), Jeda, Jedi..

Tadaaa!! Bride and groom is otw.. the bride came and greet the groom outside..

Mama --> trying to feed little Ruzain.. Sian dia.. still fever this time..

Farissa meet and greet with the Bride and Groom with the flower girls..

My mom 'tepung tawar' the 2 couples..

Congratulation sis!!! Again and yet again..
Mulut laki hang tengah penuh nuun!! hahahaha...


Iela Fazielah said…
ur sis mmg lawa.. n baju dia mmg lain dr lain ye.. mmg tema bunga2an...cantik sgt!