Henoch Shcolein Purpura 3rd Recurrence!

Sadly.. Farissa had her 3rd recurrence of HSP 4 months after her 2nd recurrence. I was so depressed. At that time I just finished my confinement period of 40 days in JB and were back to KL. She had complaint of insect bite to my mom a day before I know that she had HSP again. My mom just spread on some insect bite cream and think nothing of it.

The next day I saw it and immediately thought to myself "oh no! its back again, masyallah".. Told my hubbs and ask him to prepare, her stomach pain for surely will come back.. and it did.. 24 hours after the attack..

We went to see Dr. Khoo for her usual medication, hoping that he will give the steroids soon for her. In the meantime, I went to see Dr Wong for my post birth 6 weeks check up. 

We had a short wait outside the clinic and as usual Dr. Khoo greet Farissa with "How are you sayang.. :)" That day, he did not prescribe the steroids.. He gave Farissa Restore, Nurofen, Novimin (vomiting) and colimix (the usual medication)..He told us to monitor and came back 3 days if the pain persist.. 

Alhamdulllilah it did not.. True to Dr. Khoo told us that the illness is self limiting.. Farissa still had the rash (up till now) but there she did not suffer from any stomach pain.. 


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