21 Weeks and Counting

It has been 21 weeks and still counting. I had a feeling that this is such a fast pregnancy in comparison with my first one. Yesterday, we woke up as usual around 6.30am, step in the shower and got ready for the hospital. Farissa is super excited (as usual for school).
No breakfast this morning mama?
Nope but let's grab something before going to school ok?
That something is usually meaning mamak and roti canai gula... hahahhaa.. Bob and I are trying to keep the fact that we are going for a prenatal check-up a secret since Farissa is notorious with her record of "hospital disturbance".. We send her off to school and we're off to SMC. I am actually super duper nervous + slightly excited to meet our bundle of joy once again...

We got registered (which hardly takes 5 mins) then the waiting begins.. Now, waiting is always a challenge (with or without Farissa).. huhuhu.. Bob is constantly sleepy which annoys me so... We waited about 1 hour.. in between the waiting time.. I got weighed.. Quite surprise with the fact that I gained 1kg this month.. shoot!!! (I blamed the 2 weeks of workshop that I had attended) 2 breakfasts, lunch and heavy tea time... not forgetting dinner... sob sob..

Then we were called in by Ms. Suria (Doc Wong receptionist).. She do have a strict face but quite warm once you get to know her.. I couldn't blame her even if I want too.. The patients in SMC are quite demanding based on the fact that that do spend money for check-ups, etc... If you are curious on how my gynae looks like (Dr. Wong Yat May), click here..

We were greeted warmly by Dr. Wong.. I like her a lot.. She really likes to explain in details questions that seem unclear to her patients. Our last Dr. doesn't spend so much time to do so.. Then, again time is money.. I felt some sort of frustration that we are not able to do our detail scan here.. because she told us she is no expert.. We were told to make an appointment @ UMSC and to see Prof. P.C.Tan... Our appointment is set on the 6th August ---> nervous + excited all over again... Based on our scan she told us once again that it will be a ******... hehehe... We will see what Prof. Tan has to say.. shall we?

Total damage of the day is RM 109
Detail Scan with Prof. Tan is estimated around RM2++

Will update soon!! :D