Perfect Living Exhibition 2012

It was marvelous... Was looking forward for this expo for a week.. hehehe... Semua dah plan.. hubby jage Farissa kat umah.. mama pi merayap.. ngeee~~ PWTC exhibition are usually huge.. byk barang2 and exhibition yang best.. Apa yang dicari?? Well, something yang pakai every week la kot.. 

Since stamina semakin lama semakin tipis.. huhuhu mmg nk target cordless vacuum satuuuu, cordless iron satuuu.. hahaha.. tu jeks yang cordless tau.. :p Anyway, the expo was great! There were a lot of good stuffs to look around.. If you want to renovate your house, this is definitely a place to be... :)

My new cordless vacuum
I bought the less expensive model of Electrolux ergorapido.. which is fairly good in suction and running time.. bout 20 - 30mins per charge.. tp cam tak jeks.. anyway, you may read few reviews here. Love love love the purple color though.. ooo yess.. the price is RM 399. :) Which change my mind to get a new cordless iron.. hahaha...

My partner in crime :p 
My lovely sis the best partner in crime... tolong angkatkan vacuum ni kehulu hilir.. :D nasib baik member pi gym.. tul tak hana... ngeh ngeh ngeh....