Beautiful Place

Cameron is such a beautiful place to just relax and enjoy with loved ones. Harituh I pi ke sana mmg puas.. mmg cantik...:) However, the weather is not so cool as I had expected. Not windy and it's raining a tad.. Farissa had a fantastic time there, just enjoying the booming flowers and the fantastic views...

We spent a short while just enjoying the garden @Smokehouse.. They are very particular on those who wishes to take photos @ their garden.. It is open to their restaurant customers and hotel guest..

Papa and Farissa giving their best pose in front of the Smokehouse restaurant..
Cute kan?

Since, we ARE @ Cameron, a visit to one of the Strawberry park is a must!! Since the Big Red Strawberry Park is well highlighted in Tripadvisor.. we decided to go for it.. and the views are breathtaking!!

Pose a little bit of here...

and a little bit of there... :)

One family shot with 'adik' in mama... hahaha

There is a bit of a cafe uphill... so we sat there for a few minutes and just enjoying the scenario and one strawberry crushes... :D

more and more strawberries.. no picking today as many were still unripe... awwwww....

Our last stop is @ the butterfly garden.. rather a small area with lots of butterflies and lizards and stuffs...
Not so much a reptile fan though..
Farissa's is having a rough time with the insects... :P

Farissa with her enormous hat!!

What a memory.. that I can tell ya!!!
Until next time.. :)


Iela Fazielah said…
owh..sungguh jeles tgk gmbar2 ni....