Wall Sticker for Farissa Room

I always think of ways to persuade Farissa into loving her new room. As you know, her bedroom is painted in floral pink (peach) color and she absolutely adores it!! So, the next step is to seal the deal and decor her walls with castle and princess themes. I had spent a lot of time choosing the nicest and afordable wall stickers and come across these stickers in Mines SK.

Castle of pink and purple.. Farissa's absolute favorite!!

Farissa is annoyed with the pain in her ear... Ear infection.. However, it didn't stop her love for decorating.. haha.. (we went to the doc's straight after the decorating session)..

First, Farissa needs to peel off the stickers of her choice.. She chosen stars..
Next, she choose the nicest position to place those stars...

Taraaaa.... her complete castle.. Some peace here.. :)
Good job girl!!


Iela Fazielah said…
syafiqah also got althese sticker.. tp xdann nak pasang... huhu..tp sticker farissa sgt2 cantik la..
Nadra Farissa said…
syafiqah nyer bilik dah cun dah... suke I tgks... :)
intanmaria said…
kita pun nak hias bilik anak dara kita..
besh gak deco wall ni
Nadra Farissa said…
cantik.... we have some extras.... tp tak sure mane la tampal.... maybe the study room... just maybe..