Kimi Turns 2!!

Well.. the title says it all!! Happy 2nd Birthday kimi.. kami sekeluarga mendoakan agar Kimi menjadi anak yg soleh dan makes both of ur parents really happy.. for always.. :) This is some of the pics taken on the day.. everybody was happy and it was really a nice event..

Birthday boy Kimi with Little Min min..

At KFC in Nilai.. sampai quite early and waiting for others jemputan.. :)

The kids playing around with balloons..

Farissa loving the balloons..

Icha and Kimi enjoying the momment..

Mama.. manyaknyee balloons..

Chicky is here.. tapi semua kids takut ngan Chicky.. sampai menjerit2 ketakutan.. kesian chicky.. hehe..

Birthday boy tgh suspen.. haha..

Very nice cake from Secret recipe!!

Chicky saying hello.. Farissa memberanikan diri kasik chicky balloon coz chicky doesn't have one... concern kan..

Nellie.. sibuk ngan goody bag dia.. ada ape dlm nih??

Auntie melor.. finger lickin' good meh.. haha.. caught u.. :D

Uncle rex and auntie keh.. having a one to one momment.. nice huh.. :)

Uncle misai.. this is Abg J.. the kids are afrain of him.. mane tak nye.. suke ngusik tenung bdak.. tunggu dia ada anak nanti.. ekeke..

makan.. makan.. makan..

Farissa with more balloons..

Little Aqilah with her ayah..

Kak Aida with her family..

Peace semua.. everyone struggling to do peace.. ekeke...

Pandainye anak mama nih..

tiup air liur jeks lebih..

fuuuh fuuuh..

Nellie end this story.. pastuh semua balik.. ;)