Disney On Ice 2010 Da Event!!

Remember that we bought tickets since end of last year?? The event is here.. haha.. Mula2 nak pi event tuh.. mama dah hot dgn papa sebab balik lambat from his boss daughter wedding.. which cozes we all sampai lambat dan parking sgt jauh.. huhuhu... sampai jeks parking lot.. all of us scrambled ke Stadium Putra.. imagine.. papa kene dukung Farissa.. mama dgn bag and camera lari2 nak enjoy the opening gig from Disney... sesak napas di buatnya..

Anyway.. we got in just in time for the opening.. and all is good!! These are just some of the momments taken.. lagik separuh citer tak dpt dicapture coz the camera gone dead half way (lupe nak charge..) *sigh

Look at her face... sungguh khusyuk..

Opening Gig.. There was a parade!!

Donald, Pluto and Mickey.. Set nak pi adventure..

The song was fun and incredible..

Naik bot pi Safari tour adventure..

Crocodile cam dlm cite peter pan!!
The crocodile was cute... and swimming around the boat..

Waaah.. ada old Tomb with monkey "Jungle Book".. Farissa asyik cakap WOW MAMA...

Closeup of the boat..

Then come Baloo.. the bear in the Jungle Book.. ada hip song..

Then boat jln lg...

Buzz lightyear appear from above the arena.. siap ada rocket and planets hanging kat atas..

Selain dr boat ada train.. Choo choo..

Cute train ride..

*Micki mouff -> Farissa sebut..

*Goopi -> Farissa sebut

The haunted mansion.. I think the elements was amazing.. ghost is flying everywhere..

Ghost dancing..

Alice in Wonderland.. ada spinning cup..

Alice is really cute.. Lagu.. "I'm Late! I'm Late!"

Buat I nak naik jeks cup nih...

Ada chipmunks and Twiddles Twins..

Look at the background... :)

Wow.. Cinderella and The Prince.. Siap ada carriage lg.. ;)

Everyone was having so much fun until.....

Farissa was at the edge of her seat!!

The villain malificent keluar.. from Sleeping Beauty...

Semua org takut.. Farissa pun takut.. ekeke...

Put everyone to sleep... including donald and minnie..

Ramaikan org??

Then keluar Daisy dan Edna from the Incredibles..

They are the ones yg save the day.. and kalahkan Malificent...
The whole family in action...
Overall the storyline is amazing.. The sound effects and the gimiks are nice.. Whateva spent buying the tickets are worthwhile.. Farissa enjoy every minute of it and everyone is happy.. next year we have to go also la like this.. haha..
When you wish upon the star,
Makes no difference who you are,
Anything your heart desire,
Will come to you....


melorr said…
wowsss fayissa pegi tgk ayis in wonderyand!
Nuha Ariana said…
Noris said…
We were there too last saturday, we watched the 4.30 show.. my son Naufal loves it sooo much!!!