My Dream Photoshoot

To be honest, I had always loved and appreciate beatiful pictures taken by beautiful gifted people. That is why I don't mind investing in photographers during farissa's birthdays. Those momments are needed to be cherished forever...

However, I do hope you can understand the frustration it was during hectic birhdays that we could not enjoy these momments together (me, papa and farissa). Me & papa would usually run around playing hostesses & by the time we got the time to take pictures as a family, Farissa had already turned on her BAD MOOD mode.. what c*** sigh~~

It will really be an honor if you (Phat Diva Mama) would give us that free photoshoot of yours. Please please please please consider us on top of your diva list!!
Yours truly,
Note: Taking turns taking pictures with papa will usually end up with either of us being with Farissa & not together . You know that should not be the way.. hu~~

Amateurs pictures mind you:

Farissa's having her cookie covering up papa's face.. hihi


PDM said…
Thanks for joining the contest. You have a very cute daughter!
Nadra Farissa said…
haha... tq tq.. she is cute rite.. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.. haha!! ;)