MOBS & Gift That Angel Send : Showers of Love Contest

A new contest from MOBS & Gifts that Angle Send..

Your name: Farah Izza
Baby's name: Nadra Farissa
Baby's age: 2 yrs & 10 mths
Baby's gender: Girl
Your email address:
Farissa just loves bubbles!! Each time showering she wants bubbles!!
So this photo was taken when she is busy lathering herself with bubbles...
hik hik.. adorable ya..
p/s: we don't have tub / sink that big enough to fit her.. I do hope this photo count.. ;) based on the new organizer update!


Hi Farah,

This is from the sponsor. Thank you for your entry. We will update you once we have the winner list.

Thank you and have a nice day!