15 Weird / Least Known Fact About Me!

Sorry ye Farissa.. Mama dah kene tagged ngan Auntie S! She will pay.. haha!

1) I am not an obvious known neat freak. The fact is I will only be a freaking freak at my own house / room. My ex-housemates would know best, Miss S or Miss Busuk or Su or Izzah. Now, if I’m at my parents it will be a totally different story. My dad loves to nag, nag, and nag till my ears bleed to clean-up after myself but nooo. Don’t believe me? Well come over to my house and point out one thing out of place cause I dare ya.. haha… My neatness have come to the extend that I color coded my wardrobe, categorize my baby wardrobe, sterilize bottles for each use and best of all, scrub the bathroom floor everyday!! . Beat that!

2) I play the piano. Yups! I am certified until the 5th grade. My mom tortured me so when I was young. Sending me to lessons after lessons! However, I hate playing so don’t expect me to play anything for you. Anytime soon. Or ever!

3) I know how to use the ‘Sempua’ as they called it in Malay. I learned it, in my Mental Arithmetic classes. Light fingers they called me until we have to actually use our imagination of ‘Sempua’. Dem.

4) Something weird. I always get mouth ulcers. And I love to rub in salt onto it. Reason? I like the pain. Why? Don’t ask.

5) Loves singing. Especially in the car. I really don’t feel shy when I am into a song. Give it a groove. Shake a leg or two. So what if people start staring like I am freak. So what if I am? I love it. They don’t? Then they can just go to **ll.

6) Food is my second passion, (first is my baby obviously). But I am picky.

7) I was once in theater. I like the theater business. Its fun, its classic and you know a lot of people once you are in it. Yeah. Memories. I’ve been in a few though ‘Bawang Merah dan Bawang Putting (5th Grade)’ and ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (6th Grade)’. *chuckles*

8) When I am lazy, I am dem lazy. Can’t get out of the bed!

9) Suka jilat jari selepas makan (all 5 fingers). I do this unconsciously. I sedar bila my baby start doing it! OMG!

10) I collect stamps. I have 5 albums. So, if I see some cute little stamp anywhere at the office I will definitely cut it out. Haha.. A bad habit dies hard.

11) AAaarghhh… takda idea ni. Ooo.. I hate coleslaw.. or anything mixed up together.. like.. rojak.. or salad.. (refer no. 6)

12) I suka makan nasi yang kering dan lauk yang tak berkuah.. (also refer no. 6)

13) People know the pattern of my footstep. My officemates can recognize me standing behind them without even turning around. *freaky*

14) I love to read while massaging my forehead. What a sight I tell you. Sambil menyelam minum air! Hehe

15) Lastly. A true confession ‘I am a Shoppaholic!’ This is true for baby girls’ clothes. I love to spend it like I have it. But I plainly don’t. It’s a habit that I would like to break but has yet to find the urge to do it. Urge is not there. Plus, I have good friend who sells this cute item! It really is an incurable disease. *help* *don’t help* haha..

Kak Fadh
Kak Keh

Good luck la ye!


me said…
eh tapi dulu i recommended ceasar salad kat clubhouse cyberia tu you makan jugak okay. hahahaha.

can imagine apsal you suka beli baju baby girl. sebab best okay play dressed up nihh. even more on a real baby!
Nadra Farissa said…
haha.. ha ah ek.. maybe salad yg takder mayoo all smothered in it kot.. or time tu i tgh pregnant.. i eat anything at that time..haha