Ruzain and Inguinal Hernia

There are many of you that was wondering how we discovered that Ruzain had the inguinal hernia. We actually didn't.  At first, we receive a letter from the Klinik Kesihatan which apparently had a visit to Ruzain's prasekolah. The nurse only commented that she suspected that Ruzain had hernia, and recommended us to visit an MO for confirmation.

I didn't visit an MO but came to our family's panel clinic to confirm the suspicion. The doctor then also recommended for us to visit a specialist as he wasn't too sure. So, I requested a referral letter so that we could visit our paeds in Sunway Medical.

To cut the story short, a visit to our paeds, a radiologist and a paeds surgeon confirms the suspicion and we were to arrange a date for the surgery. It was a minor surgery and Ruzain doesn't require even a night stay at the hospital. Papa went with Ruzain for that surgery as mama doesn't have the guts to be there. Well, mama did a short visit during lunch time and he looks ok.

The only thing I can say here is that, Ruzain does take well on the drugs they use during surgery so he vomits like 15 times on the first day. Otherwise his pain tolerance is quite high for a little boy.

Alhamdullilah.. everything went smoothly and he is already back to school. :)

Ruzain did an ultrasound for confirmation

Just after surgery.. Happy enter the OT with his ipad.. Haha!