Engagement and Wedding Galore!

Although the trip was long pass, I've nothing else to update you guys. :) Huhu.. This entry was for our trip, a couple of weeks ago, when we traveled to Penang for Mr. Bob's brother's engagement. Both of his grandparents and parents were traveling with us as well. I've volunteered to design the 'hantaran' for the engagement and the theme was dusty mint.

On the first night of arrival, we had Mee Ketam near Bayan Baru.

This was the first time the family tried something like shell out and they didn't like it.. >_<

The next day, we went out for Sireh and fresh flowers hunting and got them in one of the Indian shops near our homestay

Dusty green

Cupcakes and cakes were ordered from K Zah from D'sweet bites...

I thought the cakes looks absolutely stunning


This is Ferrero Roche chocolates

Tepak sireh


Close ups
Then, the following week, we've attended my cousin's wedding in Nilai. The reception was beautiful. Although, it was quite sad that my aunt just pass away a couple of months before the reception, many of our family members came and give their full support for the event.

Farissa and Sarah were the flower girls

Just adore them both!

Sweet right

No pictures of the bride and groom but more of the girls it seemed! Haha!

The 3 of us? Ehem 2x...