Port Dickson Gataway for Mommy and Kiddos staying at Thistle Hotel

All of us had a very long and relaxing weekend didn't we? It's a school holiday for Deepavali and I had planned a short gataway for the kids in Port Dickson. The children were super excited to go the beach and play in the swimming pool. We started the journey in the morning and we stop over a restaurant named Khadijah on the way to the hotel. It is an open concept restaurant, and has a very relaxed vibe. Food was tasteful, slightly in the mid expensive range. I ordered black squid (sotong masak hitam) and Mr. Bob ordered some daging asam pedas. The children had a tasty fried fish in turmeric. Yummy!

Waiting for our food

Little Ruzain with all smiles

Peace uolls!

Adek is willing enough to capture some good photo

Some blah vegetable soup..

Lunch is ready folks!

Adek can't wait to dig in!
Sorry guys, the photos from this part onward is a bit juggled up. :p Anyway, upon reaching the hotel, we decided to visit the beach first. Somehow, the beach doesn't impress me much. The wave is quite big for the kids to swim in and there were many pebbles on the beach. However, the kids had plenty of fun just laze around and playing with the sand. Mr. Bob and mommy had fun just watching the kids building their sandcastles.

Later that evening, we had a visit to Embok Village Steamboat and Seafood. You could check out babynadra review here. The ambience is super nice and food was not bad. The only problem I had with it is that, there is a lot of cicaks aka lizards near us eating. Previously when I was smaller, I experience one cicak fell flat on my face. That was that... terus phobia. Haha!

Going to the hotel lobby

Kiddos becoming mommy model

Nice hotel lobby

Want to catch the massive chandelier with the kids.. :)

A little close up before dinner..

Waiting for our dinner

The restaurant is right beside the beach

Nice right?

Ok! It's time to fill up our tummies!

Coconut tomyum..

The only acceptable photo of mommy and kiddoes..
The next day is.... POOL TIME!! Since, the pool was jammed packed the day before. We decided to jump in the pool at 7.45am. Haha! The kids enjoyed the water so much, and the plus point is, there was nobody around. I found out that Ruzain was afraid of the water, well I guess it's time to boost up his water confidence really soon.

Mr Bob gave some encouragement to Ruzain

Mr. bob and kiddos!

Waterfall feature in the adult pool

The kids enjoying the sand by the beach

Farissa's sandcastle..

Ok.. bye peeps.. wait for my next entry.. :)