Laman Padi Pantai Cenang

You guys surely know that my parents open up a restaurant of their own in Johor. Since, it is was right before *our trip was a week before* Ramadhan, they we trying to come up with a simple break fast concept different from the buffet that they had last year.

So, what better way to get inspiration than to visit other successful restaurants. On the 2nd night in Langkawi, I decided to bring my parents to Laman Padi Pantai Cenang as they serve both local and western cuisine. The way they plated the food was somewhat interesting to implement and the name was interesting too.. "Nasi Bujang Terlajak" hehe.

Basically, when we got there, we tried to ordered some western dishes but they were all out. The kids were quite disappointed. The only one available is the set rice that I showed here, with a choice of chicken or beef. We had chicken. Overall, the food was ok and the chicken was quite tasty for me. We shared this platter which was made for 3 people priced at RM 59.90.

The ambience was very nice under the night sky but be aware that there will be plenty of bugs joining you. That is the only point which will make me think twice to visit again.

Chicken rice set

Tok ayah enjoying the ambience
Nenma and kakak

Kiddos playing with nenma's phone. Haiya kids..


You have the fan facing you or else more bugs will joining you for dinner.. or have you as dinner.. Haha!

Dreaming away

My iced lychee
Again with the food!! Wakaka.. Come.. try if you dare..


lia ummiirfan said…
Ramadhan Kareem.. semoga dikurniakan kesihatan yg baik utk menjalani ibadah puasa ☺️