Travelling with a Baby, Horrible No Changing Table in KLIA?

I am not saying that there is none baby changing room / table at all in KLIA. I am just saying that it is not enough (which is quite a nuisance)! We arrive from Sibu at KLIA at approx. 2pm in the afternoon. My experience during landing went quite smoothly. Ruzain had no problem with the air pressure in the aircraft but did his poo poo while the plane lands. He smells 'awesome' :p 

As usual, little Ms. Farissa will hold her pee till the very last minute. 30 minutes prior to the landing she told me that she needs to go *emergency* but the seat belt sign is already switched on, so we had to wait till the plane lands and (without the seat belt lights off) we dash to the toilet!

That't not the story though.. hahaha...

All this while, Ruzain was really damn smelly. I told Mr Bob that we desperately need to find a baby room and fast! So, we reach the terminal and went in the toilet from our arrival Gate up till the Luggage Collection area.. Guess what?! No baby room / changing table. I was tired (from travelling) "woke up at 5am" "traveled from Grigat - Sarikei - Sibu - KL" "carrying a 9kg baby the whole way" 'managing an energetic 6 year old'.. Yes, I desperately need the baby room to change my baby.. and there is none. The cleaner told us there is one outside the Luggage Collection Area, in which we had no idea how long does it take to collect our luggage..

So, I was emotional, angry and upset. Cursed the airport! Then went into one of the toilet to change Ruzain. Now, the tricky part was, I had a baby bag with LOADS of stuffs, a cranky baby and trying desperately to find a bit of space to change my baby. I use the steel rack and place Ruzain there, decided to wash Ruzain in one of the sink and guess what?! It was blocked!!!

There is shit loads in the stagnant water in the sink. Now, I am not the type of person that would NOT leave the sink in a bad condition. I use my hand pumping the sink to unblock it, the smell was unbearable.. huhuhu..
Shits flying everywhere, some on my tudung, some on Ruzain's shirt, some was stuck to the towel I use to wipe him.. *I throw it away after that*

Went out the toilet with a bad mood and Mr. Bob had to unfortunately absorb my moodiness.. *sorry laling!! :)* All I can say that, eventhough KLIA is an international airport the facilities there is NOT ENOUGH!! It should be more passengers friendly ok... Sob Sob..

-The End-


ayahmamilisa said…
alahai..malunye ngan KLIA kita..
they should do something about this..
they should imitate how japanese manage their washroom..very comfy and mommy-baby friendly..
Iela Fazielah said…
all public places should have sufficient baby rooms.. buat malu jeks ngan org2 luar negara kan?