Frames Decoration Pictures Sweet Memories~

I am the kind of person who love printed family photos and portraits for ol' good time memories.. So, here are just some of the ideas that I wanna share with you guys... :)

I don't think I ever show this new addition to the stairs..

Bought this quite cheap @ the ssf RM50 per piece, if I recall..
at first I want to purchase a white color steel shelve but black works well too.. :)

cute right? I can put frames, flowers, pots and deco pieces here!! :)
off and on I can simply change these pieces to make it fresh and new..

Aaaaah... the dining area..
not 100% complete yet.. but getting there...
So, share with you the frames with our little family pictures there..
Me @ Nairobi museum, Farissa & Mr. Bob @ Bali and lastly Ruzain @ JB..
Once in a while I plan to change them.. according to the family vacation.. hikhik..

Here just wanna share with you with the updates of pictures in the frames...
Farissa concert is put up and our little celebration in Cameron Highlands for Farissa's 5th birthday..

Hope this can shed a little idea light to decorate your homes too.. :)


Iela Fazielah said…
Sgt cantik... Ila suka tp hajat ila nak gntung gmbr masih xkesampaian... Hubby masih xkasi hack dinding.., kena pujuk bersungguh ni