HSP Getting Used to and Overcomes It!

Yup, we're getting used to it.. Farissa is also getting use to it.. the hsp syndrom is still prolonged but there are no other symptoms aside from her rash.. it comes and goes based on her activeness during the day.. her school was notified during her registration, and my no. was given to her teachers for emergencies.. *hope nothing major nor serious will happen during school time..

Her legs are scarred with dark bruises and spots, but that could be easily remedied by applying some bio oil *insyallah* 

As per today, I would like to happily reportes that she is a happy normal little girl.. loves school, loves her little brother very much.. *sigh**love*


Brad Tan said…
Hi Ms Farah

I have HSP too. Would appreciate if you could share with me the conditions of your daughter by dropping me an email.