Birth and Direct BF!

Salam Wednesday Mommies!!

Today, I would like to write about my first experience of birth + breastfeeding. Let me just say that it was quite unpleasant experience. I was then 24 years of age (quite young for mom :p) with hopes and dreams like everyone else to have a normal birth and to breastfeed my first born. 

Farissa was overdued about 10 days and on the day of my planned induced, her heart rate just dropped and the Dr. decided to do a c-sect instead. I had no say in this (as this was my first experience and I was scared shit). When I first looked @ Farissa, I had no feeling what's so ever, (happy, sad,....) I just.. well... looked. Well, thats definitely not how I imagine myself giving birth (crying, speechless <--just like in the movies). I also felt the pain (after c-sect was quite unbearable).. I do not have the urge to go and see my newborn. It was on the 3rd morning @ the hospital, when the Dr. kindly advise that I have a walk to the nursery and take a peek @ Farissa. All this while the nurse was bottle feeding her.

When we got home, it was all another different story. I did not know that babies need to be fed each 2 hours, cried constantly and wakes up each hour during the night (boohooo never did any research before that.. hahaha...). I cried constantly too as Mr. Bob is only with me during the first week of confinement, then he is off to Srwk (we live separately then). Farissa refuses to breastfeed and I had to pum and bottle feed her.. MAN I WAS EXHAUSTED... and emotional too.. 

Financially we were slightly unstable last time (just started working after graduated).. bought myself a cheap pump for RM100 brand: snow sumthing.. heck it was a huge mistake.. my boobs got engorged and I pleaded to hubby to buy another good set of pum (spectra 3) for me.. it was a life saver.. However, I soon got so exhausted, I start hating and regretting (at that time) for having a baby... I hate her so bad (at that time) that I left her crying on the floor all the while shouting crazily for her to shut up! This lasted for a few months seriusly... huhuhu

It was on the 3rd week after birth that I decided to stop BF completely... went to see a Dr. to get pills for stoping my milk which was over flowing that time.. Each pumping session I could get more than 10 ounces.. 

So now you know... :) That was then... (5 years ago) and this is now..

This time round.. I tried to tied up the knot of any loose ends *insyallah* - experienced that I have from previous birth and breastfeeding... I am very ambitious to breastfeed with the support of all my lovely mommies, family and my hubby of course *insyallah*.. I bought myself loads of goodies during the Parenthood Expo July 2012 @midvalley..

Just look at all of my precious.. :)
Storage plastics / bottles, nursing bag, ice pack, and pump..

Got this pump for RM 639 and the madela bag package for RM150..
Good Bargain aye???

Wish me luck ladies!! :D
Pray that all will goes well this time..


Iela Fazielah said…
Xpela.... Dulu xde experience.... Tp kali dgn azam insyaallah bole bf baby dgn lebih yakin. I know u can... Lebih2 lg baby boy... Mmg bagus sgt dpt bf dia
Nadra Farissa said…
thanks ilah!! :) sokongan neighbour pun kire gaks..
Nuha Ariana said…
go fara!!.semoga berjaya...i pon x pernah lg bf sampai 2 tahun...hiks!
Nadra Farissa said…
thanks yana!! :D semangat jeks lebih.. tapi tgh takut ni.. :p