Bali 2010

This year vacation highlight is Bali.. It was a superb holiday and I do believe all of us needs it at least twice a year.. :)

I was the financial adviser and trip organizer.. about 19 peeps went along for this vacation which makes it more fun!! Here are some of the chosen trip pictures for you to see..

Here we are at the KLIA.. Farissa with her vacation best bud Nelliena.. Ni baru berkenalan tu yang tak mesra sangat..

We arrive at Bali about noon-ish and was greeted with yummy welcoming drinks at the hotel..

That night we had our dinner at the Furama restoran in Jimbaran.. Restoren at the beach.. it was really romantic and suberblishes.. hahaha..

Here we are at the lovely beach.. Cuba tgk permandangan kat blakang tuh.. cantik sgt.. siap ada org jual jagung bakar...

Food!! Papa is serving us !! yeay...

hihi.. nk romantik sket.. leh? bukan slalu..

Next morning we are at Batu Bulan.. Menyaksikan the eva famous Barong dance.. It was really hot and sticky!! No fan some more.. pergh.. mmg panas..
Syukur only 10 mins after the show started it begins to rain..

This is an evil character...

We are at the top of Kintamani.. There at the back is an active volcano.. It has exploede 19 times since 1907.. (haha.. betul ke I nyer explanation nih??)

we end the 2nd day with a scrumptions dinner of Ayam Bakar..

Farissa tak suke bergambar.. so kene pakse ngan papa...

We went to nusa dua beach and decided to visit the Turtle Island.. The fees is Rp120,000 per adult.. and RP50,000 per kid..

Farissa was really happy with the visit.. Of course la turtle island ada byk turtle.. ekeke..

then, papa amik gambo ngan iguana..

Farissa wanted to take a photo with an eagle.. so here she is.. nampak cam gabra.. tp thats determination in her eyes.. :) --> mama is really proud of you..

mama with mr. snake.. aaarghhhh mmg sgt menggelikan..

haha.. papa is getting ready to go to paragliding...

here he comes!!

there are plenty of parachutes...

here are some shots at Bedugul highlands..

I would have never thought that Bali could look this cool and refreshing!!

Farissa dah tak bleh jln dah.. penat sgt kot.. plus it was raining at this time!!

I love this photo!

hahaha.. amik chance naik beruang.. :)
Then comes the Tanah Lot visit.. to watch the beautiful sunset..

We end the 3rd day with some yummy cuisine in a beautiful restoren..
Restoren Doeloe..
I love the yellow and blue tiles.. so classic..
Our cozy villa.. nice huh? hihihi...

Some beautiful building in Bali..
I was really hoping another family visit here in Bali.. overall it is a very beautiful place.. the food was absolutely good, people are friendly, shopping haven, toilets are clean!!
Hurray for Bali..
Insyallah kalo ada rezeki will be back here without a doubt!


Faiza Amir 2001 said…
seronoknyaaaaa......uwaaaa farrah berani pegang ular tuhhh.....
Nuha Ariana said…
wah...bestnyer gi bali...mesti banyak memborong kan?..:D
Nadra Farissa said…
Kak Faiza: hihihhi... kene tgk gambo sampingan.. tuh control berani jeks..

Yana: memborong barang umah baru.. yeay!! :p
Iela Fazielah said…
bestnyer gi bali.....byk ke soping kat sana????
Nadra Farissa said…
nanti leh upload ape yg dishopping!! ekeke..