Universal Studio at Singapore! (2)

Sambung cerita arituh..

So, after penat sesat2 nk ke hotel - hampir 45 min menaiki kete.. (walaupun hotel tuh cam 10 minit walking dr Universal Studio) hahaha..

Lost in translation la ni.. ekeke.. sampai dihotel about kul 7.30pm gitu2 la.. The check in was promt and immediate.. cume dia nak tgk passport (ye lah pendatang asing kan..) we were check in the hotel..

I love the design concept with beautiful striking colors to lite up the room.. Here are some of the pictures..

Lighting above the ceiling..

Twin beds.. king cost more... so no tq!!

unique lighting above the coffee station..

Pull out sofa.. For extra guest if any..

The toilet is so sexy.. with the colors and all.. red and black..

Strong shower.. After a long day at the Studio! Best giler..

The room from entrance view..

Guest have an invitation on the LCD tv.. ooooh... serius jakun.. coz this is the first hotel I been to that do this..

Ginger bread men from the Far far away world in the Universal Studio..

So, at nite.. Farissa and mama was intrigue to try out the Festive Walk outside of the Universal Studio.. 5 minits walk from the hotel..

The way to Festive walk through the multiple hotels..

Tadaaaa... the fountain of youth.. ekeke..
ke the fountain of dreams.. camtuh ar..

Papa also want a picture!!

The story is.. there is no halal restaurant outside of Universal (or mmg kami tak dpt jumpe).. so in the end we stop by at Coffee Bean (the only want bile we all masuk tny halal ke tak dia.. halal kak..)

Farissa lost her magical pen somewhere.. ada gambo princess.. she loves this pen.. nasib baik dah lupe dah... tak larat nak jawab.. "ada somewhere kot.. nanti mama carik.."

Had tea..

Papa had his favorite drink of coffee..

Mama had pasta.. sodap nyer.. mcm dah lame giler tak makan karbs.. :((

papa makan roti jeks??

After dinner we had a walk around the area..

I like the scenary.. Farissa tgh feel the wind..

Nangis sebab papa suruh balik..

Bye Festive Walk!!

Shame shame la mama statue ni.. malu akak..
yelah nak oooi..
Gorgeous lighting ay..

Weird statue..

Walk way from the other way... :D

Hard Rock Cafe pun on the way ke Festive Hotel..

Pose kakak..

Pose lagik!!

Our room number.. hik hik... gatal nak amik gambo gaks..

Sblum cek out.. lets take a pic!!

Nice scenary kan?

This is the construction I think for the new Marina Park...

We are at the lobby of the hotel..


Spa room above the stairs..
Colorful Cafeteria..

Outside the hotel.. with princess.. tak habis2 princess dia..

Bye everyone... Until our next story of Singapore Zoo!!!!


intanmaria said…

huhuhuhuhu..kita ia'llah next year baru nak terjah..huahuahuahau..even i'm nearby je, johore

harus kumpul duit dari seakrang ni..

Nuha Ariana said…
ooo..farisa dah panggil gelaran kakak yek...bila nak dpt adik ni kakak?hehehe...best nyer jalan2singapore..:D
Iela Fazielah said…
wah best nyer gi singapore.. ila lalu depan westport je aritu.. passport xde.. kalau x.. mesti dah masuk dah kat situ..huhu..