Happy Birthday Sayang!

On the 12th April 2008, at 3.30pm Farissa was at last 1 year old.. How time flies.. *sob*
Here are some beautiful momments captured by Uncle Chino at the Birthday Bash!

Opening: Clapping Hurrah!!

Elmo Brithday Cake! Yummy Swiss Chocolate!

Fuuuhhh... Happy Birthday to You....

Mama Ngah nak Dukung! Peerghh semangat!
With Auntie Fai on the right, Anas in the centre and Auntie Melor with Min on the left!
Farissa? --> In dream land.. zzZZ

Mama, Frens and Spouses Pose@ aa.. dah tak nak bergambo...

Yeah! Presents!! Maner la mama nak simpan??

Mama and papa... Penat but happy!

Thank you for coming Nenma and Tok Ayah!
Our Happy Family! Thank you for coming to My Very 1st Birthday!


Lela Majnun said…
Farissa...Happy Birthday dear..
Seronok je tgk hadiah byk2. Take care dear..Jgn nakal2 yer..penat mama farissa.. =)

- aunty aila -