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First Time Celebrating Raya without Our Parents!

Yes, this Raya could count as one of the most boring and lonely Raya of all. It is all because of the MCO imposed to all Malaysians for the safety of our health. So, this Raya we celebrate it with my sister and husband @Putrajaya.  Nothing much is happening and we only cooked a couple of Raya dishes for the sake of makan2 time Raya. It was also the first time I made sambal goreng and let me just say it was the bomb. Yummy. So here are just some of our Raya 2020 shots :) Us with our little coming soon baby boo One of the family! Sempoi kan? Ngeeeee One with mama ngah and ayah ngah!! Aduh gaduh plak budak2 nih.. huhu..

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