March 25, 2017

Vanity Mirror Hollywood Style

I was immediately intrigued with the Hollywood style vanity mirror. As such, 2 months before moving in I've ordered one here.

Although the person who is handling my mirrors is such a nice lady, the overall product quality and delivery sucks big time. This is roughly my review:

Communication: 5 stars (really pleased with the patience and pleasant way that Ms. Suri treated me)

Delivery: 1 star (Mirrors are completed within 3 weeks but the delivery took months to complete. During my delivery (Chinese New Year),  they had some hiccups using a delivery service that it didn't take place for the next 2 weeks. Then, when they had finally get someone else to deliver it for us, one of the mirrors got lost. Since, I have lost my patience all together to wait longer, they send in something different from what I have ordered. So in total a month and a half for delivery).

Product damage: 2 star (The black mirror that I had received was busted at the back and one of the corners, chipped off.) Although the warranty is 6 months, I seriously didn't want to do the waiting game again.

Price: Personally I though it was ok, if the product is good. For the black 4x2, I've paid roughly RM 600 for it including postage.

So yep, if you guys love it, don't forget to leave  a comment below ya. Thanks!

March 23, 2017

Kitchen In Progress: Part 1

Oh my... the house in a wreck condition right now. The kitchen cabinets seemed to be scattered all over the dining and family area. Major headache.

An actual fact, planning and designing the kitchen seemed to be the first thing that I did when we receive the house keys. But alas, it is the last big item that has to go in. It was a roller coaster ride, more downs than ups.


First off, I surveyed multiples quotations from 5 different kitchen  designers. Unity kitchen, Intech Kitchen, Lora Kitchen, Bespoke Kitchen and Rowenda Kitchen. Each of the kitchen designer has its pro and cons, I will try my best breaking it down for ya.

1. Unity Kitchen

Kitchen plan/drawing: Complete and they will give you in slide format (FOC), you can comment and they will amend for you even before and commitment is given on purchase. *5 star
Customer Orientation: Will take sometime to get back to you like a day or two. Maybe busy with other projects. *4 star
Review from other sites: Excellent review online *5 star
Price: Affordable. Also based on you material and accessories *4 star
Overall: I like the way Unity Kitchen sales entertain my email and questions. However, they don't carry solid wood kitchen (if I am not mistaken)  and specialised in glasses kitchen.

2. Intech Kitchen
Kitchen plan/drawing: Complete and they will give you in slide format (FOC), you can comment and they will amend for you even before and commitment is given on purchase. *5 star
Customer Orientation: Super attentive when I drop by their shop. Really like their effort taking care of their customers *5 star
Review from other sites: Excellent review online *5 star
Price: Quite affordable.Love the kitchen accessories that they are offering with bargain price.*5 star
Overall:  This is was one of the top of our list because of its cheap pricing and good customer review.

3. Bespoke Kitchen
Kitchen plan/drawing: No drawing given. Just a simple quotation. *3 star
Customer Orientation: The sales was ok but the designer will take sometime to give you feedback. *3 star
Review from other sites: No review that I know off. They promote their shop through lowyatt *1 star
Price: Mid range but they also do not carry any solid wood material. *2 star
Overall: I guess they are ok. But before purchase the kitchen need to go and find at least some reviews or visit their shop to have a feel of what they are offering.

4. Lora Kitchen/Velo Kitchen:
Kitchen plan/drawing: None given. Just a simple quotation. *3 star
Customer Orientation: We met during one of the Home Expo in midvalley. It was fine that time. Although through email I got the distant feeling *4 star
Review from other sites: I tried to search through the internet but found none. *1 star
Price: Very expensive *1 star
Overall: Couldn't really afford the price and based on no reviews which me highly doubt their capabilities.

5. Rowenda Kitchen:

Kitchen plan/drawing: None given. Just a simple quotation but for a solid wood material, I though it was quite good. *3 star
Customer Orientation: Good during the PWTC expo so straight away paid depo of RM1K *4 star
Review from other sites: Mix reviews, some good and some were not so good. But no review in any blogs. *3 star
Price: Affordable after 40% discount for solid wood cabinet *4 star
Overall: Will share you our kitchen journey with Rowenda Kitchen and this will be my honest review/experience in Kitchen in Progress: Part 2.


My kitchen have yet to be completed. So, I could only give my review/experience during purchasing and delivering part of the cabinets.

When I approached Rowenda kitchen at PTWC Perfect Home Living, I was entertained but one Malay sales. Let's just call him Y. So, up to the very end Y will be our point of contact throughout this whooooole process. And let's just put it, as an unhappy process.

First thing first, make sure you have completed renovated the space that you want to add in your kitchen or else they will not come and take the measurement as 'real measurement'. So, the first time Y came to our house, took the measurements was for only quotation purposes. Then we were asked to pay 50% as depo.
So, I went driving to TTDI, get the payment done, choose the color and that's it.

It was because that CNY was just around the corner, I was told that the factory will be off for 2 weeks. Everything was settled 3 days before CNY and by 25th Jan 2016. Did I mentioned that Y has NO watsapp which I thought was absolutely weird and ridiculous and what's make it more annoying that he doesn't answer calls. He will call you back maybe 2 days later. *Dang*

So, at looong last more or less a month, we finally get our kitchen but lo behold, they got some measurement wrong for the kitchen peninsular and told us, they couldn't complete the job within a day. We were kinda upset at first but agreed for a 2nd day visit which Y confirmed it would be the next day. Guess what!! It was not.

We have to wait for another 3 days before they continue the job and by the end of the 2nd day, they still need to complete the touch up. :( And now, I am still waiting for the touch up to be done. Talk about stress.

Kitchen assembly

Even the fridge is in the middle of the living room

Courtyard is full of stuffs

Mess here

Mess there
To be continued..

March 11, 2017

Moving to a new home - Up to date Progress

So much to do... so little time.

Folks.. we have just finish transporting our stuffs back and forth from Seri Kembangan back to Cyber. Man, it took us almost 10 return transport by the exora. So, what is our recent projects?

1. Spray painting the orange planter box by IKEA. If you guys recall, it was bright orange color. Now it is in grey. I spray paint these boxes so that it will look good in the courtyard which is theme of white and grey. Took me less than 10 mins to paint and another 15 mins to dry it off. Will share with you guys once the courtyard is done ok.

2. Installing CCTV monitors and cameras - Since the house is equipped with CCTV wiring. The company that we have appointed for this is EE Automation. Can't really recommend this company as yet as they have yet to complete the installation.

We paid them around RM2500 for system and 4 cameras installation. However, the playback monitor we need to buy our own. Huhu. which is an additional of 200++.

3. Furniture arrangements -  Basically, it is still in progress but the children are able to entertain themselves watching astro so all is good for now. Alhamdullilah.

March 09, 2017

Cookies Decorating Class by Shila Showers

Hello ladies!!

How are ya doing today? I've been meaning to share about this in the longest time but seriously had to dig up some time to start. Heeee~

One of the things that I love to do is baking and of course with baking decorating will come as a part of it. Cookies decorating is definitely not hard to do, but to create something that taste good and appealing to the eyes is certainly much harder. After a few failed attempts of finding the right recipe for cookies sugar icing, I decided to go for the baking and cookies decorating class by the every famous blogger Shila Showers or in insta she is known as kakakookies.

Now, bad of me, I've canceled attending her class twice and she had graciously invited me for the third time around last week. I couldn't say no this time. I truly look forward to learn her tips and tricks in formulating the perfect glossy sugar, the brands of coloring, the brand of butter, the texture of the sugar, and her class truly gave me a leg up!

Nooooo, of course I wouldn't share it here. It's her tips and recipe, so you guys might as well go and grab a spot in her class in the future. In total, I paid RM350 for her class, which includes all of the ingredients, lunch, cookies and packaging of the cookies. You can get around 12 pieces of medium size sugar cookies per class, brought home. :) The children truly seemed to enjoyed them.

Right off the dough of the cookies, we get the recipe for this. Interestingly shaped cookies cutters.

Everyone will line their cookies in the baking tray

Roll up the cookie dough and carefully placing it on the reusable cookies sheet. Got to find those later!

Fellow class mates.. After this my phone was dead. Boooo!

Voila!! My colorful cookies. Those good looking one is Shila's work. Hahahaha!

The children enjoying it back home :)

March 05, 2017

Sleeping on Their Own Beds~ ZzZzzz

Alhamdullilah.. although we move and did only basic preparation for the children, they can now sleep comfortably on their own bed.

We gave Farissa our bed for her to sleep on as it was a queen size bed and I wanted a king. Hahahaha. *Tamak kan?* and Ruzain get Farissa old bed re-upholstered to his own choice of color (red).. just like Captain America.. says him. ;) Anyway, Ruzain has successfully slept on this bed for 5 consecutive nights now (Alhamdullilah), he is a big boy. Most important tip for your children to sleep in their own bedroom, is to ensure that we as parents must be consistent. Eventhough, I know it can be lonely/hard sometime without the kids with you in your room.

What about mama and papa? Well... ours is a customize king size bed.. just nice for the both of us.. Heeee~

Kakak sleeping soundly...

This little rascal first time alone in his bed...
Ehem... ehem...

March 03, 2017

Moving Day Are the Worst!

Hello Lovelies!!

Been missing yours truly ya? Haha. Last week was our move out of our old place to our new one!! Yippie...... NOT!!

Yes we are excited. Yes we are looking forward to fewer to none traffic congestion. No to the hassle of moving. In total we have moved 4 times!! You heard me rite. 4 crazy times. Each time we had our own set of challenges and this time being our 4th move it didn't come a bit easier. :(

We've clean the new house the best we can and we rent a 5 tonne lorry which was clearly not enough from the sheer amount of things that we owned. Believe me, I purge a hell lot and still we did 8 trips back and forth (using our exora) to move completely out from our old house. *cry*

So, here a just some of the details that may help those who will be moving some what in the future.


I approach 2 separate cleaners:
1. Imansara Cleaner - Basically this cleaner would be the best choice. They bring their own equipment, they are professional movers cleaners, which means this is their main task. Cleaning houses after construction.
However, we did not want to spent RM 900++ for cleaning. Yep, this is their charges when it comes to a 3 story house.

2. Our normal Weekly Cleaners - They supply 2 maids to assist us from 9am - 5pm for RM 260. They are not professionals after renovation cleaners, but they did get the job done (just not up to perfection). But what do you expect for that amount of charges right. Mr. Bob and I still had to do a bit of additional cleaning afterwards.

Mover Lorry

We use the same brother (En Murad) for our move (like previous move). He provide a 5 tonne lorry with 2 additional helpers to carry the load. I've requested 2 stops, one at my parents house in Putrajaya and the last stop would be our house. He charged us RM 550 for this 2 trips which I thought was ok and use his service.

If interested you could call him @0123632176

Hey there's a carpet on my head

Chairs, mirrors, storage boxes you name it!

Our delightful messy home~

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