August 27, 2015

Something is Brewing Hot!

Look guys! Something is brewing hot. It's going to be soon that we will be able to have a glimpse of it. Insyallah. Really can't wait. :)

When we purchased our recent home, it is quite hard for us to imagine it because everything was on paper. The windows, the roofing, the doors that are going to be use for this house is all unknown. Hope that we are able to touch it really soon guys. *hope**praying hard* *insyallah*

August 25, 2015

Siam Thai Cuisine Subang Parade Taste Failure

Hye  guys. You know I like to try out new restaurant right? So today, I am sharing a new restaurant that we had never tried before which is Siam Thai Cuisine @ Subang Parade.

We went to Subang Parade trying to find Farissa a Disney Princess outfit for our upcoming trip. The search was successful and we're off to lunch. At first, Mr. Bob suggested that we went for our favorite nasi padang @ Sari Ratu but in the end, we end off lunching at Siam. Haha. Twas a huge mistake.

The interior of the restaurant was overall inviting. Mostly orange color theme, the restaurant deem spacious and warm. We took seat and straight away Mr. Bob was commenting the lack of patrons in the restaurant "Why do you choose a restaurant with no people?" *blaming me* huhu.

Anyway, the menu like a typical thai restaurant but the price are way way way way way higher. We ordered only 4 dishes and none out of the 4 was tasty. *deeemmm*

Don't be deceived by those cute smile.. still blaming me for choosing this restaurant..

Ruzain with his new Ultraman purchased..

Farissa smiling without showing her two lost teeth up front.. hehe.. You go girl!

This fried squid was more than RM 32 and it was as plain as hell..

Banana tempura with ice cream.. How can you go wrong with this?

Lala tom yam.. which was so so..

Butter prawn *yuck* under seasoned..
You guys have been warned. Better go to Johnny or Black Canyon theirs are so much tastier. 

August 24, 2015

Disney's Inside Out

We just got back from watching Disney's Inside Out. Truth be told that this movie is quite fascinating to watch. It's quite different from the norm Princess adventures that we are used to watch offered by Disney.

However, Farissa was so engrossed by the unique emotions characters that she hardly ever blinks. :) It was a different story from Ruzain whom felt bored even from start *hehe*. I would definitely suggest this movie to older kids as it is quite conversational and that smaller ones will find it hard to relate.

My personal favorite character is Sadness as I found her to be quite adorable. There is this one part where Riley (the main girl) was feeling quite sad and her parents comforted her, the emotion were quite strong that Ruzain suddenly told me "Mama, adek sayang mama".

Mama also loves you Sayang. So, if you get the chance why not catch this movie too. I'm sure you could relate.

August 19, 2015

Tokyo Hotel Plans

I've been tremendously busy lately. So busy that my life at times seems unbearable. *huh* I know that I shouldn't be complaining, everything in my life is such a blessing by Allah. *alhamdullilah* However sometimes, I missed those days that I have no worries about work nor kids. Just looking forward to my movies series back home. Aaaah the good ol days.

I am actually counting the days that I will be away for the week in Tokyo. Hurray. Such glorious holiday mood but at times I feel that I shouldn't be too happy for I may have jinx it. Today, is no such day. I just want to share with you guys some of my personal planning on which hotels that we may stay for the holiday. :) *long grin* *evil happy laugh here*

Our holiday planning is consist a three day obsessive tour around TDR (Tokyo Disney Resort). Why 3 days? That is longest possible days that we could spend in Disney without being too obsessive until we couldn't any other tour. *heck yeah* Well that is another story. Anyway, I've booked a couple of hotels (through but have yet to make our final decision on which hotel to stay in. So, drum roll... These are the short listed ones.

*None of this images belongs to me, I googled and just sharing*

Hotel Miracosta

The most exclusive and expensive of them all. It is built within Disneysea and it would be so wonderful if we could walk back to our hotel for naps and resting. Our dream room would definitely be this one if we could fork up the right kind of budget.

Hotel Hilton - Happy Magic Room

Very beautifully decorated and children oriented. It is quite near to both Disneyland and Disneysea although you will still need to hop on and off the train to commute. Budget wise it will still be expensive, one night could cost you MYR800++ if you book way early *like a year*
Look at those carpet.

Hotel Sheraton Grande

Cheapest of them all but very nicely decorated with comfortable big beds. One night will cost you about MYR700++ if you book really early. It is situated really close to both parks (which means you could enjoy fireworks from your bedroom). Although, hoping on and off the train is still required.

Hotel Disneyland

One of the best hotel to stay in if you are the ultimate Disney fan with deep pockets. Staying here is definitely not cheap either but it comes with full Disney benefits. :) Each rooms comes with a Disney theme, which children *including mom and dad* would dream about. A definite wish list for me.

Oh which ones to choose? If it were up to me, I would definitely go for all. Haha!
Well you guys have to really wait to see which ones that  we will stay in.
Hey, my headache seems to go away already!

August 18, 2015

Homst Cyberjaya D' pulze

Last Sunday, Nenma and Tok Ayah went to Ayah Chu's graduation event. Since, they are going back to Johor after lunch Mr. Bob and I thought Ayah Chu deserve a graduation lunch to shout out our "Congratulations! Now get a life!" hehe. We invited them for a lunch at Homst D' pulze Cyberjaya. Nope this is not the first time we ate there. Homst have been one of regulars restaurant to dine in during our weekends. I am pretty sure there will be more after when we move to Cyberjaya. *Heh*

Let's see. Yes, we love it here because the food is wonderful and the service is top notch fast. Ambiance is another story, but yeah most people will dine here because of the food. Price wise it is on the high side but you could definitely save a lot by ordering their rice set.

Ice Lai Che Kang - first time order and will be many more after

Our celebrated guy Ayah Chu!

Nenma throwing her thoughts around

Black Pepper beef, super nice but a tad spicy for lil Ruzain

Butter prawn (a must order). Farissa throwing in her *takpuashatiface* because Nenma and mama is busy taking pictures. Haha!

Salted egg soft shell crab (quite steep) RM 30 for a small size

Yam Cake a must try too
Well, we will definitely dine here again. If you have never tried Homst, you definitely should!
You could read more about them here.  

August 13, 2015

Franco IOI City Mall Review

Hi lovely readers!!

Today special eatery place that I would like to review and share is Franco. How do I discover Franco? Well, I saw it a couple of times advertising in facebook. It always show delicious photos of desserts and pastas. So, when we came across it at IOI City Mall, I couldn't help it but to try and dine in. So, here is my review.

The ambiance of the restaurant was warm and inviting. We were greeted with friendly servers and they really know the menu *although at times I do feel like he is asking me to order certain menu items without me wanting*. Yes, price was a bit on the high side but I guess as long as the food look good and feel fresh. What the heck, just go for it!

Our dessert, a must order!


Pasta and dessert.

Rustic traditional seating.

Sugar and milk with our tea and coffee.

Mr. Bob got himself some black rice with mushrooms and egg. It is actually quite nice.

I got this. Some sort of seafood marinara. Delicious.

Farissa got herself some french toast with whipped cream.

Oh yes, with maple syrup.

Vanilla ice cream with biscuits and berries.
Would I dine in Franco again? Maybe, if other options runs out. :p Or if I have some cravings over their ice cream or dessert. Haha!

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